It started with one greyhound. It became a way of life.

Donation Dog Vesper

Helping Hounds? How?

Fundraising. Event planning. Volunteering. Raising awareness. It all started when I first met Katie Greyhound, aka The Divine Miss K, in 1999. This spunky hot pink hound (pictured above) inspired my yoga practice. Then we brought home Ellie, who inspired my charitable giving. In short, those 2 little red brindle greyhounds changed me forever. For the better.


I organize a charity fun run to benefit Chase Away K9 Cancer. I share my canine cancer stories with those who ask. (It often helps to hear from someone who's been there.) I do what I can to support sighthound rescue groups worldwide (which often includes talking the ears off anyone who'll listen). And yes, I can probably still sell you a Down Dog Yoga Studio tee shirt, if you really want one.

Helping hounds makes me happy.

Photo credit, right: Julie Richards Photography


I started a blog, The Houndie Times, many moons ago, after Ellie's osteosarcoma diagnosis. It stalled for a while, then pretty much remained neglected after Dingo, our third greyhound, became our second with cancer. I promise to get it up and running again once I get my life a little better organized.

Wait, will that day ever come?! Watch this space in case it does...